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Chiropractic is the number one health care profession that promotes and establishes well being in mankind.  This is done by removing interference (spinal segmental dysfunction) from your nervous system.   Spinal segmental dysfunction is a misaligned spinal bone pinching your nerves, thus decreasing your body's ability to heal or be in a continuous state of good health.

All bodily functions, emotions and intelligence are controlled by the brain and central nervous system.  Science reveals that the anatomy of the central nervous system runs through the bones of our spinal column.

Chiropractic is alternative healthcare that helps improve the anatomical alignment and physiological function of the spinal column, to improve physical wellness, restore health and healing, and to prevent the risk of back injury.  Combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise, Chiropractic is a "way of life" that compliments your full health potential. 

Evaluation of the spine's structure and function is to be examined by a doctor of Chiropractic.  Since the body function is controlled by the central nervous system, therefore, having your spine checked for increased tension is an important role in your health care.

Indirect stresses such as gravity, posture, emotion, occupation, environmental and recreational activities are some caused of physical discomfort; chiropractic care is aimed at reducing these stresses in the body.  Musculoskeletal symptoms are our body's protective mechanisms; it's like an engine light on the dashboard of your car, telling you to get it checked up and properly adjusted for peak performance.

From pain relief to wellness care, Chiropractic is a leading alternative approach to promoting a natural way of health.  Chiropractic is recognized by the medical industry as a specialty in treating musculoskeletal conditions, and a conservative form of health care.  Through the balance of diet/exercise and regular chiropractic care, we can achieve and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle.