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There are myths about chiropractic care, methods and doctors.  Some myths may have dissuaded you from previously using chiropractic care.  We would like to clear the air and help you determine myth from reality.

MYTH:      Treatment is expensive
REALITY: Total back care cost have been found to be lower for patients who received treatment (either initially or during the course of their care) from a chiropractor.

MYTH:      It isn't covered by insurance.
REALITY:   Chiropractic care for acute conditions is included in most health insurance plans.  Patients usually need to make a co-pay at the time of their appointment.

MYTH:      Treatment is a lifetime commitment.
REALITY:   People who feel better after treatment usually do so after a few visits.  If you are being treated for a specific problem, the treatment plan ends when the problem is resolved.  If your problem is chronic , recurrent or you wish to avoid future problems, you may benefit from preventive care.

MYTH:     Chiropractors crack bones.
REALITY:  Some chiropractic techniques involve adjusting the spine or extremity joints.   The opening of the joint space creates the "popping" sound sometimes heard during the adjustment.  An adjustment does not affect the bones on either side of a joint and is completely safe.

MYTH:      Spinal adjustments hurt.
REALITY:   Most patients report not experiencing any discomfort in the process of the adjustment.  The likelihood of initial soreness or increased pain after a chiropractic adjustment is similar to that of starting an exercise program.